5th Street Races Allow for 4 x Simultaneous Slots Functionality

Play multiple slots at the same time on 5th Street races and enjoy up to four times the action!

24 JUNE 2018  (Press release): Fifth Street is proud to present the introduction of a number of special casino slots Races, to be held around the clock, where players compete for hourly prizes of between $50 and $1,500 on selected slot games! With functionality for playing up to four slots simultaneously, players can also increase their winning chances while boosting their enjoyment of these quickfire mini-tournaments!

The Races are held on the hour, seven days a week, and each comes with its own features and benefits, with differing prize amounts from one Race to the next. They are free to join, with players simply accumulating as many points as possible and climbing the leaderboard in order to win, but there is a limited number of spins and they have a set time limit in which to score.

Players can choose how many Races they want to compete in from one hour to the next, with a maximum of four games available in one race period. These can be monitored right from the game window, where players can also check to see how many remaining spins they have and how much time is remaining on each game.

A real benefit of the Races is that you will accrue points for losses as well as wins! Each win will net you 10 points, with 30 points for 3 wins in a row. 3 losses in a row will award you 40 points and if you make a big win (of at least 10 times your original bet), you will receive a massive 300 points to boost your standing on the leaderboard. Prizes may be allocated all the way up to 20th place, depending on your choice of Race, so there is a very good chance of finding yourself among the winners!I

“The addition of multiple game functionality really puts an exciting spin on these already amazing Races” Karen Miller, Fifth Street spokesperson said.

“5th Street always strives to put the players’ enjoyment first, and this is yet another innovation that will add a whole new dimension to the game play and keep people on the edge of their seats!” added Karen.

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